Availability of Milk


Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank is looking to expand the donation pool by recruiting more mothers to donate to this Nonprofit Organization.


The availability of pasteurized human milk depends directly on the number of mothers who are willing and able to donate.  


Recruitment of mothers is done to try to meet demand, but sometimes supplies run low. When supplies do run low, priority is given to the most medically unstable infants in the hospitals. The decision of which infants are to receive the donor human milk is made by the medical director of the milk bank. When there is enough supply, donor human milk is made available to any infant who has been given a prescriptive authority’s recommendation.


Outpatient or Parents:

Ask your primary care provider about using pasteurized donor human milk for your baby. The milk bank requires a prescription to order the donor human milk. The parents must complete an Infant Medical History Form and sign a Consent Form.


For questions on how to become a milk donor call us toll free at 1.877.367.9091


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