How to be a Donor Collection Site


The Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank welcomes new donor collection sites.


The process is relatively easy and MWMMB is offering FREE FREEZERS as an incentive to new donor sites! 


What is Needed for a Donor Site?

  • Small area or portion of a room 

  • Freezer (MWMMB donating FREE) - to store donated milk before it is sent to the milk bank. Freezers must be locked or secured in an area. Freezers are to be monitored for temperature control.

  • Available staff and hours to receive donated milk and pack and send it to the milk bank once enough is collected. Shipping materials are provided by the milk bank.


Sites are often located in hospital, clinic or health department settings, due to the convenience of and the ability to draw blood needed for the screening process.


If you have a site in mind, please contact us at:



We can help you join our donation network!

For questions on how to become a milk donor call us toll free at 1.877.367.9091


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