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Our Hero
Donors make it all possible!

In 2021, our communities donated over 263,000
ounces to the

Milk Bank.

We then distributed over 200,00* ounces to
hospitals, nurseries, and infants at home.

*MWMMB has a goal at to all times maintain enough reserve donor milk to quickly fill any order of the 7 types of milk we provide. For this reason, we always want to keep a "cushion" of milk in storage over what we dispense.

You can be a hero too!

Donating is an easy process,

just 3 steps! 

1) Qualify

2) Blood Sample

3) Drop Off Milk

If you have any questions or want to get started with Step 1, 

call us at 801-415-9393 or email us at to set up time to speak with one of our donor screeners!

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