For questions on how to become a milk donor call us toll free at 1.877.367.9091


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How to Donate your Milk

Thank you so much for your interest to donate your valuable breast milk! Your milk helps improve the nutrition, health, and life of a baby in need.


Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank (MWMMB) is a non-profit organization. As part of The Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA), MWMMB welcomes milk donors both local and out-of-state.


The Mountain West Mothers' Milk Bank has just received it's full accreditation from HMBANA and is now pasteurizing and distributing milk from Salt Lake City! We are grateful for all the Milk Drop Sites (Donation sites) that are operating across the state of Utah and in Idaho. 


3 Steps to Donate Milk


1 - Qualify

You first need to apply and qualify as a donor. Call us toll-free at 877-367-9091 for information and to get started. 


You are likely to qualify as a donor if:

  • The milk you have previously pumped has been continuously frozen solid since pumping

  • You are not taking medication or herbs on a regular basis

  • Your baby is healthy and growing normally

  • You are in good health

  • You do not smoke, drink alcohol, or do illicit drugs

  • You have not received blood or blood products in the past 12 months

  • You have no history of hepatitis (after age 11)

  • You have not have a history of intimate contact with anyone at risk for HIV/AID


2 - Blood Sample

You will need to have your blood drawn. You will be sent a packet containing forms that need to be filled out. You will also receive a blood-draw kit with specific instructions to follow.


Most doctors or local labs will draw your blood for free if they know it is for your donation to a milk bank. Some sites that accept your milk donation may also have this service. If the lab charges you, save your receipt, and you will be reimbursed.


3 - Drop Off Milk

Take the blood sample and the milk you want to donate directly to a drop-off location. Contact the Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank for questions or location information at


If you are unable to donate in person, the milk bank will send you a cooler and ice packs with a pre-paid shipping label. Once received, pack the cooler with your milk and the blood sample, then follow the instructions for keeping it frozen during shipping. 



How much do I need to donate?

In order for your donation to be cost-effective, we would prefer a donation of about 150 fluid ounces. This needs to be stored in hospital-provided containers or milk storage bags.


You can donate once, or you can keep donating until your baby is one year old. After the first year, milk composition changes, and there is a decreased amount of protein and fat, which is less adequate for newborns. 



How much does it cost to donate? 

If you already have a good, efficient pump, then there is no cost! The costs of blood screening and shipping is covered by the milk bank. It does take, however, take time to get medical forms signed, blood drawn, milk pumped and stored, and then dropped off at a donation location.


Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank has many donor collection sites operating in Utah and Idaho, and will be expanding to include more collection sites for donors to drop off their milk. Donors will need to have a cooler, with adequate ice or cooler brick packs to transport their frozen milk to the donor collection sites.