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How to Order

For ordering pasteurized donor human milk please contact Mountain West Mothers' Milk Bank at 801-415-9393.  Please note that we are still in the development process for milk to be provided at home.  If we are unable to provide milk for you, we will refer you to sister milk banks who will be able to assist you as we continue to grow.


Hospital Ordering: There are several ways that pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) can be purchased for use in your hospital. Most hospitals have protocols and policies for ordering.  


These policies include:

  • The need for a prescription

  • The type of milk being requested

  • The specific amount in ounces per day and the length of time the milk is needed


PDHM may be ordered as standard stock for a hospital and reordered when supplies are low. Check with your hospital requirements for ordering donor human milk.


Contact the milk bank to place an order, make financial arrangements and arrange a delivery date.  All milk is shipped overnight.


Outpatient or Parents: Ask your primary care provider about using pasteurized donor human milk for

your baby. The milk bank requires a prescription to order the donor human milk. The parents must complete an Infant Medical History Form and sign a Consent Form.


If you wish to order pasteurized donor human milk for your infant at home, please contact the milk bank as stated above.


How Much It Costs

The milk bank is non-profit, but must cover the costs for testing the mother’s blood, processing the milk, packaging and all shipping.


Who pays for the milk?

  • Receiving families pay as they are able

  • Hospitals

  • Grants

  • Donations

  • Medical insurance


How Milk is Delivered

Once your milk is ordered, the milk bank will take precautions every step of the way to make sure it arrives to you safely.

  • The milk is frozen. It is shipped frozen and packaged in insulated boxes.

  • The milk may be delivered by courier, or shipped by an overnight company in an insulated box with dry ice.

For questions on how to become a milk donor call us toll free at 1.877.367.9091


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