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Why Human Breast Milk?

Breast milk provides nutrient and non-nutrient benefits that cannot be provided by infant formulas. Exclusively breastfed infants experience fewer infections and allergies. They have better cognitive and behavioral development, and they grow up to have lower rates of asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure.



Why Donor Milk?


Donor milk is breast milk that has been expressed and pasteurized. If a mother delivers prematurely, her breast milk enables her preemie to tolerate feedings better, experience fewer complications, and go home sooner. But over 60% of newborn ICU mothers cannot supply enough. Donor human milk is required. Safe donor milk.



Why a Milk Bank?


Milk banks screen donors and pasteurize and test donated milk. They also work to increase breastfeeding rates, to increase the supply of donor human milk, and as non-profit businesses, to keep costs as low as possible. Unlike for-profit milk banks, only the mothers and infants benefit.

The Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank is a member of the Human Milk Bank Association of North America. As such, we are a true non-profit organization, and we are achieving these goals right here in our communities. We are lucky to have so many women here who are willing to donate human milk. It is not easy. But they each know they are making a difference for many mothers and infants.

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